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Happy Birthday to the Healthy Nutrition Plant!

  • Posted on:  Friday, 23 November 2012 12:05
Happy Birthday to the Healthy Nutrition Plant!

SoloMia’s subsidiary company 

SoloMia, a well-known Ukrainian food manufacturer, opens the first Healthy Nutrition Plant. Why is this new enterprise unique?

The Healthy Nutrition Plant produces pasta, flour, and cereals. Unlike most traditional Ukrainian manufacturers, SoloMia’s subsidiary company is a vertically integrated holding company encompassing all the functions: production, processing, sales. Buyers take advantage of purchasing the products manufactured by the Healthy Nutrition Plant since this producer guarantees the best conditions at each stage. The plant’s production and promotion cycle includes all stages, from cultivation of cereals, their processing at our own mill and pasta plant, to creation of our own trademarks, product distribution, promotion and supply to the final customer.

The Healthy Nutrition Plant is a new production facility constructed in 2011 and supplied with the up-to-date equipment. At the first stage the Plant will provide Kiev Region residents with pasta, and hand-made Fettuccine (real Italian “nest” pasta) will be a product range zest. In the future the company is planning to extend its product range and go on with its territorial expansion.