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Quality control updated

  • Posted on:  Friday, 15 June 2012 12:17
Quality control updated


SoloMia was issued an HACCP certificate – an international quality and food safety assurance. For many companies, quality implies honesty and diligence of employees, whereas quality is provided by a system controlling the whole scope of production, from goods manufacture to promotion.

An HACCP certificate confirms that any product selected by customers is of high quality and safe for health, and that a manufacturer safeguards         manufacturing processes from all hazards (biological, physical, chemical, etc.). The HACCP system is responsible for the whole product lifecycle and stringently controls its quality, which improves consumers’ trust.

ForSoloMia, HACCPsystemadoptionmeans:

- Confirmation of machinery quality, its regular maintenance and staff training;

- Implementation of steps to prevent defects in productions;

- Saving by lowering a reject rate in total output;

- Identification of critical processes, and focus of key resources and efforts on them;

- Growth of consumer trust to company products;

- Opportunities of extending to new markets, and expansion within current market outlets;

-  Additional opportunities when participating in important tenders;

-  Growth of product competitive edge.

An HACCP certificate is a must for companies that manufacture Private Label products. SoloMia holds this certificate, which enhances its standing and assures compliance of SoloMia Private Label quality with most exacting requirements.

Note: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) maintains control at all phases of production (at any point of manufacture, storage and selling of products) and is globally recognized as the most efficient system for food safety assurance. Implementation and confirmation of HACCP system’s availability in a food industry is obligatory in EU countries, the US and Canada.