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New product range from Suzirya TM

  • Posted on:  Monday, 27 August 2012 12:18
New product range from Suzirya TM

We are pleased to say that our product portfolio has been added with Suzirya trademark macaroni products. As opposed to most traditional Ukrainian producers, the Healthy Nutrition Works is a vertically integrated holding that combines the whole production chain – from product manufacturing to its processing and distribution. This is an advantage for consumers who buy the products made at the Healthy Nutrition Works as we are able to provide the best conditions for product manufacture at each stage – from crops cultivated for ourselves, their processing at our own mill, water extraction from our own artesian well, and to manufacture of finished products at our Works. Traditionally, we by ourselves develop products, create trademarks, organize product distribution and promotion. 


That is how we provide production of quality and tasty products under the trademark of Suzirya by controlling quality of manufactured products at each stage.



•Made by hand.
•Handyforcooking – eachpackcontains 4 “balls” (4 portions). 
•Highqualityisalsoevidentwithauniformgoldencolor, glassy edges and noodle strength.
•Darkinclusionswhicharenothingelsebutpiecesofwheatgraincoversis a reflection of the fact that the macaronis are made of useful durum wheat.
•AuniqueformatfortheUkrainianmarket. Italian comparable products are a few times more expensive.


•ProducedincompliancewithDSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) from top-grade flour.
•Auniformnaturalcolor, smoothsurfaceandglassyfracture. 
•Apackageweights 700 g, whichis 40% morethansimilarproductsofferedbycompetitors.
•The premium pack with steamed side edges.