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Flour: Novelty from Suzirya ТМ

  • Posted on:  Monday, 05 November 2012 13:21
Flour: Novelty from Suzirya ТМ

The practice of cooking pirogi used to be a pride of any housewife. Today, less and less housewives can boast this skill. But if one wants to gladden the family with gastronomic specialties, the question arises of which good flour to choose. There is a wide selection of flour to pick from, but not every flour is good.

How a customer selects flour? Sure, by its appearance. The Suzirya flour pack is made of Finnish paper UPM SwanShine flex. The “breathing” paper pack enables the flour to stay good for a long time, and high density (80 g/m2) good quality of paper perfectly maintains the pack’s form on a stand. Bright colors and quality design draw customer’s attention. The front side of the Suzirya pack includes the note that the product fully complies with DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine

Perfect properties of the flour are highlighted for professional pastrycooks:

Suziryaflourfeaturesahighcontentofgluten. Gluten is a kind of “frame” for dough. Stretching properties and elasticity of dough depend on the gluten quality, which, in turn, impacts on whether the dough rises, maintains its shape or whether it will crumb. Suzirya flour contains min. 26% of gluten. Gluten elasticity is expressed in the Gluten Deformation Index (GDI). Suzirya flour has 75 GDI points, which falls under the 1st Class quality and is optimal for reaching a proper fluffiness of pastry .

Flour color depends on the content of peripheral particles of grain that are principal carriers of minerals and are responsible for flour black-out. Suzirya flour is snow-white, and its brightness indexis min. 56%.

Grinding coarseness is connected with flour baking properties, i.e. its swelling rate and water absorption. This index is perfectly balanced with Suzirya flour – 6 points.

One of the principal competitive edges related to raw materials for Suzirya flour is that it is produced from Kherson wheat which for many years has been a benchmark of quality due to an ideal climate suitable for a full ripening of grain.

All Suzirya TM products are certified and manufactured by a large national producer with a 20-year experience.