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Domashniy Chai TM novelties: Mint & Chamomile

  • Posted on:  Thursday, 15 November 2012 13:22
Domashniy Chai TM novelties: Mint & Chamomile

Mint and chamomile are traditional plant products in Slavic culture used extensively in the household, cosmetology, cookery, herbal medicine, and pharmacology. The people named chamomile an officinal plant for a reason!

Nearly all the scope of chamomile and mint is sold in drug stores, as tea shelves at retail stores do not include these plants separately. However, sales of teas and fruit and herb mixes containing mint and chamomile make up at least 1% of the Ukrainian tea market in size.

Consideringagrowingdemandforherbalteasandafreeniche, DomashniyChaiTMextendsitsrangewiththefollowingnovelties:



Strengths of Domashniy Chai TM Mint 40 g and Chamomile 30 g products

  •     Whole chamomile flower heads,
  •     Justatraceoffineparticlesofstamens,
  •     Noforeignimpurities
  •     Naturalscent
  •     Expressedorganolepticfeatures

    • Uniformmintleavefraction
    • No stems
    • Noforeigndust
    • Nofragmentsfromotherplants
    • Naturalfreshcolor
    • Expressed scent


Another benefit of the novelties from Domashniy Chai TM is a non-transparent three-layered interior line that stops sun rays and preserves useful properties of the products. Bright and attractive design of the film will reassure a customer in his/her correct choice.