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Batik tea specialty

  • Posted on:  Monday, 26 November 2012 13:24
Batik tea specialty

Batik as an art is not just a handicraft. This is a genuine mystery that can touch on people’s souls. Its creation has always been considered a practice which requires patience and wisdom. That’s why it is so unique and vivid at the same time.

Batik, a traditional Ceylon tea and pieces of folk art are brought home as souvenirs by Ceylon visitors. Today, these are real symbols of that fruitful land. All of this made the batik more than just an art. No wonder that it gave its name to Batik tea which became a classic Ceylon tea.

Today in Ukraine, Batik is always a little more than a good Ceylon tea. It’s a glamour of the Orient, some mystery and an unexpected short story. That’s exactly why a pack of Batik tea bags is so distinctive from other products on a tea shelf. The pack is designed as a small glittering metal chest, with shimmering lines and textured Oriental patterns. The interior has a piece of a real map of 16-century Ceylon, and a short story.


At present, Batik is one the world’s most popular teas. Millions of Ukrainians found it to their taste for its full-bodied, rich flavor. The tea quality is perfected on a regular basis, and the range is added with new collections. WehopeyouwilllikeournewBatiktea!