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Askold tea new image

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 28 November 2012 13:28
Askold tea new image

A famili arimage of Askold tea’s getting more sophisticated and up-to-date. The redesigned image that covers popular brand lines will emphasize the brand exclusiveness and sophistication of Askold tea quality.

Everyone knows that a brand awareness is formed for years on end. For over ten years, Askold has won respect from tea lovers both in Ukraine and beyond. Product quality inspired permanent respect and passion to the brand, however not many consumers could make sense of numerous line designs and inconsistencies.

Due to the accented logo, the products are more eye-catching on a store shelf. The brand line design became more uniform, and its collection incorporates a recognizable design solution that is common for all lines. The consistent color palette will help to easily find the product, estimate the brand position and try a new tea type from another product line.

Askold is notable not only for its modern nature, but also for cutting-edge technologies. The brand has unique features and an established history. Those features of a classical noble tea are well-marked in the understated, soft and strict updated design. The new Askold pack represents the noble origin, confidence, self-respect and esteem for consumers.

Logo: An eye-catching logo accented with an embossed shield.

Color: The new Askold tea applies a unified European color code. A deep blue color in the revamped pack reduces all the brand lines to a common denominator. A use of blue in the tea category is a free niche, so a consumer will easily find his favorite Askold tea in any store since the new blue pack is sure to point out this tea among others.

Arrangement: Brand lines designed in various styles embody a recognizable arrangement solution, common to all the lines.

Markings: letterings, background and tea leaves became more sophisticated and edgy, and the fonts are now stricter and more respectable.

Changes in the Askold pack:

- The bagged tea has a functional vertical side, which enables to arrange a tea pack both horizontally and vertically.

- The two-sided pack, with the second side in English, underlines the brand’s high-profile nature. The double-side design facilitates the product arrangement at sales points.

- Packs of Askold Classic loose tea are added with a functional description of the product (that is, exterior features of the tea, its organoleptic features). An elegant design of the interior accents the brand’s top-range nature.